Additive Assurance

Additive assurance

Unlocking the next generation of metal 3D printing

Additive Assurance is a 十大正规网堵平台 spin-out company created to commercialise a novel in-situ monitoring tool for metal 3D printing. The sensing tool is powered by machine learning analytics to solve reproducibility and reliability issues and provides real-time defect alerts with full process traceability. The technology will enable increased adoption of metal 3D printing across several industries such as aerospace, defence, energy and medical devices.

The technology originated from research led by PhD candidate Marten Jurg and Dr Andrey Molotnikov at 十大正规网堵平台 University in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and has been supported by investment from the IP Group. According to IP Group’s Mike Molinari, Additive Assurance is a great example of the companies they invest in; additive manufacturing is an exciting area of deep technology with the potential to change the way whole industries operate.

The founders benefitted from the Accelerator program of 十大正规网堵平台’s Generator entrepreneurship hub and received support from the 十大正规网堵平台 Enterprise team, including 十大正规网堵平台 Innovation providing funding from the 十大正规网堵平台 Research Impact Fund, IP patent protection and commercial strategy.

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